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Bismillah al-rahman al-raheem

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of both realms, Ya Allah, all praise is due to you until you are pleased, when you are pleased, and after you are pleased; praise is due to you always and forever. Oh, Allah send your prayers, blessings and peace upon the noble Messenger, his purified family, his righteous companions and the people of sunnah until the last day.

To proceed:

As Salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu:

This is a message from the economic team of Tahreek ul-Ummah (please refer to our preamble document for more details of who we are and what we do) to our esteemed brothers: The government of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the Taliban.

We would like to begin with sending our warmest congratulations on behalf of all of the Ummah on your comprehensive victory against the enemies of Allah and his Messenger who had unjustly occupied your land, oppressed the people, and spread kufr and dhulm, and spilled the sacred blood of the Muslimeen. Such a victory that we believe inshallah will go down the history Islam as the turning point of  the jihad of the ummah against the neo-colonialist project of the kuffar and spark a revival that will ultimately lead to a return to khilafah upon the manhaj of the Prophets, inshallah.

We would also like to express our sincere thanks and admiration for being the only sovereign nation who are implementing the shariah, returning the honour to the ummah of upholding our laws in at least one of our lands. Our dua’s and gratitude to Allah for your service to his deen, your sacrifice of your shuyukh and shabaab will never be able to truly do justice for your noble works; for that we pray that Allah rewards you with a truly fitting and noble reward in the dunya, by supporting and expanding your rule and akhira but rewarding you with the highest echelons of paradise!

With regards to supporting and expanding your rule, after a careful reflection and analysis, we believe one of the key, if not the key facet in stabilising the Emirate is to develop a shariah-compliant, stable, functioning, and successful economy. We would begin that endeavour by firstly asking a question: what is your strategy to establish a functioning economy? If there is one, please send us the relevant documentation, and we would be delighted to consult on implementation and augmentation. If you do have no fully developed such a strategy, or even if you do have one, we would appreciate your consideration of the following strategy outline:

Short Term (6-12 months): Emergency crypto-currency wallets, economic liberalisation.

– Establish a few emergency crypto-currency wallets and invite donations to support your work. When Ukraine did this after the Russians invaded, they were able to raise many millions of US dollars worth of currency. We expect similar if not greater support for yourselves from your well-wishers inshallah.

– immediately sanction as legal tender the following across the nation in at the very least: the US dollar, Pakistani rupee, in addition to the existing Afghani, a selection of stable coin type crypto as well as the major currencies: such as Bitcoin and Etherium, and precious metals such as gold and silver. We believe this will have an immediate beneficial effect on the economy of the Emirate as it will arm you with arguably the most fluid economy, with the best set of trading tools in the world, allowing trade and investment at hitherto unseen levels inshallah.

Those of your advisers who may have suggested banning trade based in US currencies may have done so on the basis of protecting the Afghani, but they ignore the fact that it is impossible to police the black market that has and will inevitably be created as a result of this faulty action, and only weaken the nation and her economy.

Mid-Term: Crypto-infrastructure, civil infrastructure and energy policy

– Develop a functioning backbone of crypto mining infrastructure, which will allow the Emirate to generate it’s own wealth, as well as support the use of crypto-currency transaction.

– For any economy to function successfully a functional civil functional civil infrastructure is required. We would initially supply suitably qualified engineers (as well as supporting and training your own) in order to build the buildings, roads, bridges, etc required to make that happen inshallah.

– Energy policy: we would support and/or oversee a comprehensive study on the current structure and future energy requirements of the Emirate. We could then project manage and deliver, in partnership with yourselves, a comprehensive “national grid” to ensure that the right energy was delivered to the right areas, at the right times inshallah.

Long Term (5 years +): A stable and self-sufficient economy

– The main strategic aim in the long term of our economic strategy is to allow the Emirate to be stable and allow the people of Afganistan to flourish independent of any outside support. Doing this for an entire nation will require the support, cooperation and trust of all partners involved: from the leadership of the Emirate, your civil servants as well as any and all outside expertise we may have to depend upon.

Please respond to this communiqué and outline policy document through our representatives at your earliest convenience.

Jazakallahu Khairun for your attention, and may Allah bless and support all of the noble leaders, scholars, warriors, and workers of the blessed land of Afghanistan.

We await your response inshallah, until then:

As-Salamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

Your brothers at the economics department at Tahreek ul-Ummah.

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