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Course Overview

This subject of Muamalat is the most important in our time. Ibadat is knowledge of the relationship between Allah and us. Whereas Muamalat is the relationship between humans. Social, political, and economic affairs. Two-thirds of Fiqh is all about Muamalat. This course will revive this knowledge that has been ignored, neglected, and even worse, at times, completely re-rewritten — in compliance with the world order created after World War 2 — run by a new ideology called capitalism, by banks and by its legal framework, Constitutionalism.
This has legalized central banks, paper money, and national debt — the three elements foundational to the sustaining of the world order set up by the victors of the said war. This subject, Muamalat, is something that cannot be avoided. One cannot say it does not affect me. We are affected whether we like it or not, whether we know it or not, and whether it feels comfortable or terribly uncomfortable. Muamalat has almost totally vanished. The obstacles thrusted upon us can be overcome through Muamalat.

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Lesson Overview

  • Knowledge
  • Lecture 1: Knowledge of Allah
  • Lecture 2: Knowledge of the World
  • Institutions of Muamalat
  • Lecture 3: Markets and Caravans
  • Lecture 4: Money and Contracts
  • The Politics of Muamalat
  • Lecture 5: The prohibition of Riba
  • Lecture 6: End the Fed and Fiat Money
  • Implementation of Muamalat
  • Lecture 7: Organization of Muslim Communities
  • Lecture 8: Return of Darul Islam

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