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The following is a translation of an Arabic article.

Eradicating Riba (Usury)

The Taliban can break free from the grip of the oligarchy of satanic globalization and make a change in its structure

1. Eradicating the interest completely, including but not limited to:

a. Clearing all interest-based banks and turning them into Islamic banks. The most important part of this is the complete ban on issuing the Riba-based credit cards and replacing them with non-Riba cards: Debit Cards or Prepaid Credit Cards.

b. Complete ban on using Credit Cards in all over the country, irrespective of the entity that has issued it, even if foreign.

c. The State should fully desist and forbid public and private companies from issuing Riba-based bonds and replace them with Mudharaba instruments and other permissible financing contracts.

2. Declaration of Public Property

a. Declare ores, minerals (including oil and gas), and water as public property, regardless of the ownership of the land in which it is found. This is not (just) a notification; rather it is the violated right being returned to its (actual) owner, i.e., the Ummah that owns it. Thus, the violator will not be entitled to any compensation, and it would be enough to spare him punishment. The State should take care of the public property, as a trustee of the nation, not as the owner of that property, unlike the things owned by the State (such as buildings, weapons, equipment, furniture, vehicles, all means of transportation, etc.) that are owned by the State in its capacity as a legal person, and in which it acts as a legitimate owner. Landowners may be granted jurisdiction over rain surface waters (not deep fossil aquifers) and vile minerals (soil, sand, grit, stones, and rocks) with good, while considering environmental controls and preventing pumping, drilling, and unjust retention.

b. Natural parks, forests, and pastures should be declared public property while enabling everyone to benefit from these with good and preventing collecting firewood and unjust grazing. Tribes, villages, or village communities may be granted the right to have jurisdiction over known forests or pastures, so they have the priority of exploiting them with good. Some of these forests and pastures could be transformed into wildlife sanctuaries, or grazing of state-owned livestock, shooting ranges, military training, and maneuvers, or other interests of the nation and the needs of the State.

For further Shari’ rooting, you can review the book “Economic System in Islam” by Shaykh Imam Abu Ibrahim Taqiuddin an-Nabhani (may Allah have mercy on him):

3. Declaring the absolute freedom of exchange and trading between currencies (without any difference between official, encrypted, gold and silver, etc.), including (import) and (export). Many good results of this include:

Firstly: elimination of smuggling, black market, and other anomalous sick phenomena.

Secondly: the disassociation of cash with political maneuvers, breaking it from the dominance of central banks, which in their totality, are subjected to the international Tawagheet (false gods), and international systems of Kufr (disbelief).

4. Declaring major cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, ADA, XRP, and perhaps LTC, BCH, USD, in addition to the local Afghan currency as Legal Tender. All of them could be accepted as a value against goods and services.

It is worth mentioning that the Afghan people have good practice of using cryptocurrencies. More than half of the population owns smartphones. It ranks in 20th position (among 120 nations) in adopting cryptocurrencies in general and 7th position in using cryptos peer–to–peer.

The state does not need other than legalization. Although it is advisable for the State to deploy a sufficient number of atms (ATM), which serve for free (without commission) to facilitate the public (as the State of El Salvador now does:

5. Abolishing any old currency and currency taxes, such as Capital Gain Tax, etc., and no such taxes should be enacted in the future: only Zakat (which should be regulated by a special law) should remain.

Professor Muhammad al-Massari
5th September 2021

Arabic Source

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